May 2021

Theme: Transformation


For the safety of our members and the larger community, UUFN will be offering livestreamed Sunday services via Zoom until further notice. Links for the Sunday Zoom meeting will be sent each week through the UUFN-Announce email group. Contact if you would like to begin receiving the weekly email.


Sunday, May 2nd • 10:00 am

“Transforming Principles” • Rev. Kristin Maier

How have the UU Principles changed our lives and our congregations? How are the principles themselves changing? Might all these changes be guiding us toward a more authentic and steadfast beloved community?


Sunday, May 9th • 10:00 am

“The Many Faces of Mothers”

We will come together to once again honor the many ways mothers and   mothering are present everywhere. This member led service offers opportunities to express gratitude, aspirations, realities, and all feelings for those who mother.


Sunday, May 16th • 10:00 a.m.

“Annual Flower Communion”

One of our beloved rites of Spring for our Fellowship is our celebration of the Flower Communion. In this member led service we come together to honor the diversity of our members through our love for the beauty of nature as seen in flowers. We aren’t ready yet to be together under one roof to assemble our bouquets and exchange flowers, but we’ll find a way to have a meaningful service.


Sunday, May 23rd • 10:00 a.m.

“All Is Transformed” • Rev. Kristin Maier

The nature of life in an ever-unfolding universe is that not one thing stays the same. Even as all of life continually transforms, is there something we can hold onto that endures? What must we let go of if we are to embrace the enduring? All UUFN Members are asked to please stay after the service to help us reach a quorum for the UUFN Annual Meeting.


Sunday, May 30th • 10:00 a.m.

“Memorial Day—In Remembrance”

Join us for a member led service to honor those who have passed yet remain present in our hearts and lives.


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